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About the Instructor

Founder Jeff Haynes teaches Leadership  Texas State University, and had the honor of  serving as a distinguished speaker at Business Leadership Week. Jeff was also a breakout speaker on Ethical Decision Making at the Leadership Institute Annual Conference.


Decisive, fair leadership is vital to any growing organization; however, many businesses today have leaders who are strong businessmen and women but lack the necessary training and leadership experience to lead their employees to higher levels of performance while preparing them for increased responsibility. To remedy this, Global 21 provides interactive training that results in increased performance, morale and overall productivity. This is not about gimmicks, slogans, or feel good statements, this training teaches servant leadership, accountability, and leadership traits and principles. We also include modules on ethical decision making.

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Leadership Training

Notably, Global 21 supported a 5-year contract developing senior leaders of international organizations across countries in Europe, to include Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, and Italy. This work included the development of on-line content for NATO countries working cross culturally in war torn countries.

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