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Small Business Consulting  

Planning is essential for any business, keeping in view, the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the enterprise.

It implies thinking in advance, what needs to do in future and creates a rough draft, so as to fulfill the business objectives. 

Strategic and operational planning is used to set priorities and align the resources, in such a way that leads to the accomplishment of your business goals.

Business Consultation


  • Company purpose

  • Visioneering-where do you see your company in 1, 3, 5 years?

  • SWOT analysis–ID core offerings, desired capabilities, and locations

  • Unique value proposition - Why you?

  • Aligning the organization to reach your vision

  • Available vs required resources

  • Priorities Alignment of Business to Support Vision


  • Market and Industry Trends

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Key Markets

  • Adjacent Markets

  • Customer Intel

  • Competitive Intel 


  • BD strategy and Process Development

  • Search techniques for new clients

  • Pipeline Management 

  • Relationship Building and Contact Plan

  • Capture Process

  • Proposal Writing and Compliance Review

  • Pricing support–Subcontracting


Expanding Abroad

If your business is ready to reach out abroad, we can utilize our network of international partners, individuals and companies strategically positioned with a thorough understanding of local needs.


We provide vetted, meaningful introductions to bring parties together for a common goal—connecting buyers and sellers to solve problems and increase revenue.


Global 21 is a relationship builder with the ability to understand cultural nuances of prospective clients abroad. We also work under sales rep agreements to see that our clients get the necessary exposure in emerging markets overseas and in the United States.

Government Contracting

Selling to the US Government can be a daunting task with much time and energy spent trying to learn the process.


Considering that the federal government such a large consumer of goods and services in America, ignoring this vast market could cause you to miss out on real revenue opportunities.


Global 21 can walk you through the process to get started. We also leverage our relationships to bring you the business intelligence and understanding required to effectively pursue many realistic opportunities, either by teaming with a larger prime contractor or going it alone.


What We Offer

  • BD strategy and Process Development

  • Search techniques for new clients, new opportunities

  • Pipeline management–Customer intel, competitive intel

  • Relationship building and contact plan

  • Business capture process

  • Proposal writing and compliance review

  • Pricing support

  • Subcontracting to prime contractors



Through our vast relationship network G21 can locate, screen and provide qualified personnel to fill unique contracts at home and abroad to include hostile environments.


Let us help you fill your proposal with quality resumes.


Our SDVOSB status make us an ideal partner in set-aside contracts.


Niche areas include: Intelligence Personnel Emergency Management, SMEs, Linguists, Senior Leader Trainers, and CBRNE.

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